Roots of Learning

Learning is an essential way to understand what life can be from a different perspective.

Starts from Home. I grew up in a loving family who gives me so much attention because I have three brothers and I’m the only daughter. They always told me that be humble and always respect people’s insights.

Just like the same family, we face personal problems and goes through a lot of natural disasters. At this point, I asked almighty God what we did to deserve this. He silently gives us the strength to carry on and move forward together. 

In our second home which is school, I met trusted friends, know all subjects, and passed all levels to graduate. 

However, I am an ordinary student who struggled to think about what to pursue. The thing I know and I envision is to have a stable job and provide for the needs of my family. 

As time goes by, the real-life situation is here and I have one big fear, it is not to disappoint everyone including myself so the determination arises in my mind and body to chase my dream. 

As I have read Coach Robbie’s no. 1 inspirational book on Amazon, The Freelancer’s Bible for Pinoys. She states that you are responsible for taking charge of your life and let God do the rest.

Gradually, He shows me that I don’t need to please everyone as long as no one is hurt. I’m able to help and enjoy all blessings that He showered me and my family.  

Now, I realized that our living land is a training ground for us to prepare for what future ahead. 

All my life I understand that happiness comes with hardships, waiting for requires sacrifice and to be successful you have to trust and endure the process of learning. 

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